What Is Rchain And Where To Buy RHOC Crypto Coin

What Is Rchain
Thanks to the rise of blockchain platforms, innovators all around the world have been enabled to develop novel and innovative technologies. But there have been issues concerning design, speed, scalability and of course safety.

The aim of Rchain is to solve these issues by becoming the transformational link required in the technology that is blockchain. Its uniquely RhoLang written smart contacts are simultaneously and certifiably verified by a compiler which makes it safe, versatile and quick. Contracts written using RhoLang are processed through the Rho Virtual machine, which is a consecutive execution engine that enables applications to record outstanding scalability and velocity.

Rchain Overview

The blockchain behind RChain has been developed right from the beginning to be scalable. Rchain comes from the vision of Greg Meredith, a developer and mathematician who developed Rho Calculus, was behind the design of Microsoft’s BizTalk Process Orchestration, and held the role of CTO at Synereo ltd, until December 2016, after which he became the president of Rchain Cooperative. He was also part of the advisory panel of the Ethereum Foundation and currently contributes to the Casper proof of stake protocol along with Vlad Zamfir and Vitalik Buterin.

Greg Meredith designed the all-round computational platform which is also decentralized, for creating applications that are secure with the goal of addressing numerous economic, political and social problems. He is spurred on by these global issues and the potential to make them even more tractable by the creation of a platform that is capable of coordinating human activity on a much larger scale than previously thought possible.

Issues he hopes to resolve are not limited to climate change, poverty, environmental sustainability and disruptive trade/monetary policies. The RChain Platform is an open source platform that is currently developed by the RChain Cooperative. Numerous dApp projects created on that very platform will be engineered by Rchain Holdings, which is the profit-seeking entity of the whole project. Both arms of the project are based in Washington State and involved team members situated all across the globe.
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Unique Value and Solution Proposition

Tests carried out by developers early on showed that RChain had the capacity to provide 40,000 transactions per second, which is a rate that put the platform on par with the major credit card companies like Visa. It does, however, differ from credit card companies, as there would be no need for a centralised database which has shown to be susceptible to malicious hacks. User data was to be encrypted by user-created off chain private keys which are then stored on RChain's decentralised storage infrastructure.

Current blockchain developers have been somewhat unable to address numerous supplementary issues such as consensus protocol efficiency, challenging node requirements and probable smart contracts verifications.

Rchain forges a new path when it comes to fixing these issues. It does this by using several aspects of mathematics, such as game theory and the more renowned Mobile Process Calculi. By coupling these mathematics insights with the knowledge of computer science and vast decentralised content delivery application development experience, Greg and the RChain team developed an official decentralised computation model. This very model is the foundation for a blockchain that is truly scalable.

Where can RChain be applied?

Rchain can be applied almost everywhere. The development team behind RChain wanted to apply its transformative capability over a wide array of applications, such as creating:

Fully secure financial systems
User-friendly and secure environment
Social networks
The team does recognise that there is vast room for amelioration and RChain is uniquely poised to lead the improvement needed on blockchain technology.

The below are the steps needed to get Rchain tokens RHOC

How to purchase RHOC Coin Cryptocurrecny

Step 1 – Register at Kucoin

To purchase the RHOC, users need to first sign up at Kucoin.

Firstly head to Kucoin.

Then click on the “Sign up” link.

Enter in the requested personal information

To finalize the registration, a valid email address must be entered and a secure password must be created. 

Step 2 – Activating the New Kucoin Account.

After registration, the user will be asked to activate the new account before log in access on Kucoin can be granted.

A user should head over to the email account entered during registration and click on the link sent by Kucoin to finally complete the registration process, thereby activating the account. Setting up a 2-factor authorization (2FA) is highly recommended for safety purposes.

Step 3 – Logging On to the New Kucoin Account

Making one’s way back to Kucoin site, the new account details should be used to log in.

Step 4 – Funding the Kucoin Wallet.

Before RHOC tokens can be bought, the kucoin account should have available funds in it.

It is important to note that fiat currencies cannot be directly sent to Kucoin. The fiat currencies would first have to be exchanged for a cryptocurrency of your choice before that cryptocurrency is then exchanged for RHOC.

LTC and ETH are recommended due to their quick transfer times and lowered incurred transaction costs.

The most seamless way to purchase cryptocurrency is at Coinbase.com and then transfer it to Kucoin. To facilitate this transfer, knowledge of the deposit address of the specific cryptocurrency being transferred must be located.

For example, using ETH:

You first click the dollar symbol which opens the deposit page.

Next is clicking the deposit button and looking for ETH

Once found, the ETH deposit address should be copied, to be pasted as the outward/destination address on the coinbase site.

After a couple minutes, ETH (or any cryptocurrency preferred) will be credited and available to the Kucoin account.

Step 5: Trading Ether for RHOC tokens.

The next step would be to click on the ‘Markets’ link located at the top menu, situated next to the Kucoin logo. And head to the ETH tab.

Users should then look for the RHOC /ETH pair amongst the pairing list displayed on that page. To aid faster search, RHOC can be entered into the search bar.

This step then transforms the previous page into a trading screen where a purchase can be made.

Under the RHOC/ETH chart, there is a Buy/Sell RHOC category.

The first box labeled Price shows how much ETH is needed to purchase each RHOC token.

While the second box labeled Amount enables users to input just how many RHOC Tokens they wish to purchase

The Total box displays exactly the amount of Ether including transaction fees incurred required to complete the deal.

Once the user is satisfied with the numbers, they proceed to click on the “BUY RHOC” button to confirm the transaction.

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