How To Buy Cardano

An Easy Guide on How to Buy Cardano ADA

Cardano has been praised as the one cryptocurrency that has some of the most advanced features. The fact that it is anchored on a platform of blockchain that is far superior to that of any other protocol has made its demand to shoot up tremendously. Indeed, Cardano was developed from a scientific philosophy that is both well-grounded and sound. It is a product of the very best IOHK team of engineers and scientific researchers. The team did well by deconstructing the concept of digital currency and incorporated Ouroboros – the Proof of Stake algorithm that is unique to the digital currency. 

Cardano was developed by the use of divergent top-of-the-range disciplines like distributed systems, cryptography and mechanism designs that ride on the Haskel Code. The team of IOHK developers ensured that the final product they produced is the most precisely engineered cryptocurrency in the market to date. It is for this reason that the demand for Cardano has grown to unprecedented levels. As a result, one question that many traders are interested in is how to buy Cardano ADA.

 The following is the best systematic guide on how to buy Cardano ADA. There are three steps to this guide: how to set up the Cardano eWallet, how to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin on Coinbase, and how to exchange Ethereum for the Cardano digital currency on Binance Exchange.

 The Process of Setting up the eWallet for the Cardano ADA.

The wallet is for the purpose of storing the Cardano after purchase. You need to visit the download site for the wallet for ADA, referred to as Daedelus. The Daedelus is a secure eWallet that is based on a multi-platform Hierarchical Deterministic software that can be downloaded from your Personal Computer. The Daedelus is crucial if you are to effectively transact in the cryptocurrency. It will also enable you to track the history of your transactions. The eWallet has very advanced features for the convenience of the user. Its most advantageous feature is that it is very secure, and as such all transactions are tamper-proof. 

How do you go about installing the Daedelus wallet? First, decided on the file that will work for your PC. Download this file, and install the program on your PC. This program is what is referred to as "Daedelus’’. Run the program. Choose the language of your liking, and press the "Continue’’ button. You will be asked to agree to the terms of using the software. Click on the checkbox and hit the "Continue’’ button once more. You will then be given the choice of sending logs to the Daedelus’ developers with regard to the usage of the eWallet. You may opt to send the logs or not to. 

Once this is done, the eWallet will sync with the blockchain that Cardano rides on. The process of synchronization could take about 40 minutes to 1 hour, and as such patience is called for. The program will operate fully once the entire process of synchronizing is complete. You can now then press on "Create a New eWallet’’. You can name the wallet appropriately, for example, "My Cardano eWallet’’ or any other name that may suit your fancy.  
After this, you will be required to create a password. Press on "Activate to Create a Password’’. The process will take you through input boxes, wherein you will enter the password. It is recommended that you use a strong password – and one that you are not likely to forget. A 7-character password, with at least one uppercase character, at least one lowercase and one numeral is quite good. Once you have settled on the password, create the personal eWallet by pressing on the prompt to this effect. 

The system will inform you that you are about to obtain the recovery phase. Confirm that there is no one watching your activity by ticking on the prompt box. Once this is done, press on "Continue’’. This will give you a phrase consisting of 12 words. This phrase is critical to all your future operations, and it, therefore, needs to write down keenly and stored safely. It is the key to all future operations on your wallet. Its security is paramount as anyone can use it to access your wallet and steal from you. You will be required to confirm that you have correctly written it down by pressing on "I have correctly written it down’’.

After this, you will be asked to come up with a passphrase using a set of words that you will provide with. Be keen to click on the words in the given sequence. Once this is accomplished, you will be given a couple of warnings to the effect that you understand the operations. Read the warnings carefully, and click on them to agree. You can then press on "Confirm’’.
This will open your wallet, and you can go ahead and click on "Receive’’.

The wallet address will then be made available to you. This will be a string of numerals and letters combined. This is an important piece for your operations, and you, therefore, need to copy it carefully and store it safely.
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Once you have come this far, you will now be ready to purchase the digital currency Ethereum or Bitcoin on Coinbase. It is important that you select Coinbase as your preferred exchange by clicking on its logo. There are a number of reasons why Coinbase should be your preferred choice of exchange. Chief among them are:

a. It operates in at least 33 countries globally.
b. It is versatile, as it accepts credit cards, debit cards and transfers from financial institutions.
c. It starts with low purchase limits, which gradually increase as you use it.
d. It requires ID verification for all operations, every time. 

After successfully buying Ethereum or Bitcoin, you can rely on the Binance Exchange to convert to Cardano ADA. The steps to do this will load easily enough, and as such should not present any challenge. So, the next time you wonder how to buy Cardano ADA, just remember that the process is relatively uncomplicated. With this guide, you can go ahead and do it with resounding success. 
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DISCLAIMER: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are highly volatile and risky. We cannot give you advice about what to invest in or how much to invest. You should take the information we provide in our courses and blog posts, do your own additional research on specific cryptocurrencies, and plan to decide what kind of investments work for you. We highly recommend talking to a financial advisor to understand the level of risk that you are comfortable with.
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