What is AION Crypto & How to Invest in AION Coin ?

What is AION?

Aion is a blockchain system which is multi-tier produced to enhance the privacy, interoperability and scalability of blockchain networks. Aion which has been branded as a blockchain network which is third-generation aims to offer communication between different blockchains.

The Aion network was developed by Nuco, a blockchain company based in Canada. The Aion network utilizes the AION token.

Aion network

The Aion network functions like a computer network and is based on blockchain technology. The network passes value and logic among the users. It also passes liquid assets freely where transactions are carried out without intermediaries.

The Aion network is focused on third-generation blockchain which is publicly known as the Aion-1. It is designed to link other blockchains and aid in managing its applications. Aion-1 also offers interoperability in the ecosystem.

What is the significance of Aion Cryptocurrency?

Aion will provide public or private sector organizations with the capacity to:

Federate: send value and data between Ethereum and any Aion-compliant blockchain.
Scale: offer enhanced data capacity and quick processing of transactions to all Aion blockchains.
Spoke: allows for the production of customized private and public blockchains with aids in maintaining interoperability with other blockchains but gives publishers the capacity to choose issuance, governance, participation and consensus.
Who is behind Aion?

The Aion ecosystem is a project which Is community driven and directed by Nuco Global Inc. The company was responsible for establishing the Aion foundation and the Aion ecosystem. The team behind this project which is community driven consists of Alexandra Roatis, Ali Sharif and Chris Lin who are all engineers. The CTO known as Junius Tu and the CFO named Jason Burke. The department for business development consists of Duncan Cameron alongside Dipesh Pradhan.

Aion Token

Aion utilized the AION token which is ERC20 compliant. The AION is offered initially on the Ethereum blockchain, but the token will be easily transformed to AION network and continuously flow seamlessly to and fro between both blockchains, the AION network as well as the Ethereum blockchain. The token is the solitary means of interacting inside the network.
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A step-by-step guide to buying AION Coin

If you desire to purchase AION, the steps below would aid in making it possible.

Step 1: It is not easy to exchange fiat currency directly for AION tokens. In essence, you would be required to buy or own a crypto which you can exchange for AION like ETH or Ethereum or BTC or bitcoin before you can engage in trading.

You will need to convert cash/fiat into Bitcoin or Ethereum. We recomend using Coinbase as the easiest method to buy cryptocurrency. Once you have funded your account and purchased Ethereum, you can then transfer your ETH into an exchange that will let you buy AION tokens. 
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Step 2: Create a new account on a cryptocurrency exchange that lets you purchase AION

There are cryptocurrency exchanges which provide you with the capacity to buy AION. Some of these include Binance and Kucoin. There is a host of others available bit you can sign up for anyone of them and create your account.

You will be required to input your email address as well as your name. Some exchanges may also require that you upload a photo-ID and input a phone number. For a more enhanced level of security, ensure you set-up a two-factor authentication. 

Step 3. Purchase AION

Immediately the funds have hit your Binance account, look for your selected cryptocurrency pair like AION/ETH. Select BUY AION and input the token amount you would love to purchase alongside the kind of order you desire to place.

You would usually be provided with an opportunity to crosscheck your order detail as well as total price before you make a purchase. If you are satisfied, you can confirm the transaction and finish up your purchase.
Which wallets can I utilize in holding AION?

The AION token is a token which is ERC20 on the Ethereum network, so you would be required to hold your AION in a wallet which is Ethereum friendly. Examples of wallets which are suitable consist of:
Ledger Nano S
Ethereum Wallet

What to put into consideration before you purchase AION
Cryptocurrencies are speculative and complex, so it is ideal to be completely aware of all the risks linked with them before you begin trading. If you are considering buying AION, ensure you put the following into account:
Token Utilization and Supply: The overall token supply is over 400million AION.

Token use. These tokens can be utilized for a host of purposes in the Aion network. You can view the use guide of Aion token to get a better understanding of how tokens function and have an enhanced idea of the factors that may have an impact on their value.

Commercial partnerships: AION announced a collaboration alongside Moog, the US defence contractor in October 2017, while NUSO the parent company is also in collaboration with the Ontario government to enhance digital identity verification. It is also ideal monitoring online forums and the news feeds of the company for any news about future collaborations.

Competition: Cosmos, Wanchain and ARK, are all running projects which are similar. So when considering factors which will have an effect on AION token demand, ensure you compare Aion to these companies.
Demand: As there is a development of more blockchains, a serious obstacle that needs to be dealt with is the interoperability between blockchains. Nonetheless, before purchasing AION, it is crucial to ask yourself if the Aion network is appropriately placed to convert blockchain technology or if one of its competitors may have a better position.

The number of exchanges: Watch out for AION news being added to a larger exchange ramge in the long run as this will mean ease of access to a broader range of buyers and therefore the possibility to enhance demand.

DISCLAIMER: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are highly volatile and risky. We cannot give you advice about what to invest in or how much to invest. You should take the information we provide in our courses and blog posts, do your own additional research on specific cryptocurrencies, and plan to decide what kind of investments work for you. We highly recommend talking to a financial advisor to understand the level of risk that you are comfortable with.

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