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Become a Cryptocurrency Investor…
…without being a techie

Easy-to-understand explanations of Bitcoin, 
Ethereum, and the cryptocurrency revolution

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Sharing the Wealth

Bitcoin and Ethereum have gone through an unprecedented growth in value, creating a new generation of millionaires in its wake. Until now, those have benefited the most are largely the ultra tech-savvy. At Coin Coaching, our goal is to help the non-technical, everyday person learn how to make smart investments in this booming market. There is a very real possibility that what we're seeing with cryptocurrencies is the start of a revolution in the way everything from money to the internet works. And there's no reason that we all can't benefit from this emerging industry.

What We Teach

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How to Buy/Sell

Learn where to buy and sell a variety of coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and dozens of other up-and-comers
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Learn how to stop hackers from stealing your coins by storing them securely
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It's important to not put all your eggs in one basket. We teach techniques to diversify your portfolio with a range of coin investments
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Investment Strategy

Learn long-term strategies for investing in coins, including techniques for buying and selling
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Minimize Risk

As markets keep rising, rewards can be high, but so can risks. We can teach you how to identify and minimize these risks
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Coin Knowledge

For investors, it is important to understand what you're investing in. We teach you what the top coins do, in simple terms.​​​​​​​

FREE e-book by Coin Coaching

3 Mistakes That Bankrupt Beginner Investors In Bitcoin and Ethereum

New investors to the cryptocurrency market make the same mistakes over and over... and over!

In this guide we share some important insights:

  • The 3 most common mistakes beginners make, with solutions!
  • A smart way to buy coins for the first time
  • Why understanding security is so important
  • Controlling emotions to be a smart investor
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